Major Guitar Barre Chord Charts Added!

A major chordOur list of guitar chords has been updated with the most common major barre chords! These barre chords bar all of the strings (except the first type of F major chord).

If you are just learning your barre chords for guitar, be patient! It may come quick for some, but more than often, it requires time to build up the adequate amount of strength in your fingers and wrist to be able to play a clean barre chord. I won’t lie to you. Barre chords can be hard! So give it time.

On these barre chord chart diagrams, you’ll notice that there is a little marking to the left of the diagram that has a number and “fr.” like 3fr. and 5fr. These markings indicate what fret you play the barre chord position on. So if the markings say, 3fr., you’d play the barre chord on the 3rd fret.

You can view the whole list of guitar chords here!

Major Guitar Barre Chords

F major
F major chord
G major
G major chord
Bb major
Bb major chord
D major
D major chord
F major
F major chord
Ab major
Ab major chord
C major
C major chord
F# major
F# major chord
A major
A major chord
C# major
C# major chord
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