At Guitar Friendly, I’ve focused most of my efforts on the more instructional aspect of guitar with lessons, tips, tricks, etc. and I’ve had many people tell me that Guitar Friendly has been a really helpful resource for them in this way. However, what I don’t cover a lot here (although I do sometimes) is the other side of playing guitar that focuses on gear like: guitars, amps, effects, etc.┬áThat’s why I’m excited to introduce another guitar blog to you: Guitar Gear.

Guitar Gear

If you’re interested in the gear aspect of playing guitar, you definitely need to check it out. Brendan Delumpa, the guy behind the blog, reviews a lot of different types of guitars, amps, pedals, and more. What I like about his website is the depth he goes into when he reviews a piece of gear. For example, he’s recently reviewed some different effects pedals and posted audio files so you can hear how the pedal sounds.

All to say, when it comes to guitar gear, you name it and he’s probably covered it. So it’s perfect if you’re looking to buy a certain piece of gear but don’t know what to buy or even if it’s a good piece of gear to buy.

I ran across Guitar Gear the other day and I sent an email to Brendan. We got to talking and we saw a really cool opportunity for our sites to partner up and expose our sites to a broader range of guitar players and readers like yourself. He extended the invitation to me to write some content over at his blog, which I’m really excited about, and it’s possible we’ll see some of his expertise over here at Guitar Friendly.

So when you get a chance, go check out!

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