Guitar Strumming Lesson: 6/8 Strumming Patterns

We’ve looked before at beginner guitar strumming patterns in the 4/4 time signature or in a count of four. We haven’t looked yet at 6/8 strumming patterns where you count in six.

Here is a video guitar lesson that I just did this morning that will allow you to learn some 6/8 strumming patterns. We’ll even apply what we learn to playing Paramore’s song The Only Exception.

Probably the most important take-away from this guitar lesson is the importance of keeping steady and consistent time. It’s not about how fast you can play or how complicated you can play a strumming pattern. The most simple pattern played consistently and in good time we’ll be a thousand times more effective than a really complicated strumming pattern played out of time.

This is why I count out loud so much in this lesson. Counting out loud helps you to develop an internal time clock. Using a metronome to practice guitar is another really effective way of developing better rhythm and time.

Another big positive about developing this internal sense of time is that it freely enables you to create other strumming patterns. If you know the structure in which a strumming pattern fits into, it makes it easy to create your own rhythms.

Questions & Comments

Do you have any questions about strumming and developing time? What tips do you have for gaining a better sense of time?

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