Guitar Lessons

One of the frustrating things about trying to find guitar lessons online is that the information can tend to feel a bit disorganized if you are relatively new to playing guitar. It can be hard to know where to start. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to do a lesson that is way beyond your skill level. That’s why I started compiling this list.

This list is a collection of guitar lessons that have been featured here on Guitar Friendly. The list starts out with the very basics and gets to be more advanced. Even more intermediate players can benefit from these articles. Be sure to subscribe for free in the black box at the right to get updates as new lessons are added to Guitar Friendly!

The Basics & Essentials

Don’t pick up your guitar yet! These articles are perfect if you are just starting out or have never picked up a guitar. You’ll want to read these before you officially make the dive into some lessons.

Getting Started: Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Once you already know about holding the guitar, holding a pick, and tuning up the guitar, get your feet wet with these beginner guitar lessons.

  • Beginner Strumming Patterns – You know some chords, but now it’s time to learn a few basic but really applicable strumming patterns.
  • Beginner Fingerpicking Patterns – This lesson will give you the basics of fingerpicking like finger position and you’ll even learn some fingerpicking patterns.
  • Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners – You know enough guitar chords by now to learn how to play a song. Choose from one of these ten popular easy guitar songs for beginners with chord charts and lyrics.
  • How to Practice Guitar and Get the Most Out of It – You don’t want to waste your time. Here’s how you can make your guitar practice productive and effective.
  • Learn to Read Guitar Tabs – Guitar tabs are used to roughly notate a guitar part or a solo. Knowing how to read them can be very beneficial to learning new songs.

More Guitar Lessons

So you have a good grasp of the basics? Try these guitar lessons and tips to take your guitar playing even further.