Guitar Chords: Learn Your Major Chords

I thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at guitar chords. Every now and then I’m going to post some guitar chord charts with pictures of the guitar chord’s finger position. I’ll add these to the list of guitar chords on the site!

If you are just beginning guitar, a good start is to learn some major guitar chords. Here are some basic guitar chords that are used a lot in popular music. They are very common guitar chords.  I’ve shown a picture of the guitar chord’s finger position and then the guitar chord chart that goes with it.

Basic Guitar: Major Open Chords

A major

A major chordA major chord

C major

C major chordC major chord

D major

D major chordD major chord

E major

E major chordE major chord

G major

G major chordG major chord

Keep your eye out on Guitar Friendly’s list of guitar chords. There will be more to come!

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