Free Online Guitar Tuner

Nobody likes an untuned guitar!  I present to you a free online guitar tuner.  I’ve compiled some short perfectly tuned samples that will allow you to tune up your guitar.  

How do I tune my guitar?

To tune your guitar, you are going to listen to the audio file that corresponds with the string you want to tune.  To tune your low E string, play the “Low E string” audio file below and then play the low E string on your guitar.  As both are sounding, turn your low E string tuning peg on your guitar to match the pitch of the sound in the audio file.  

If the audio file rings at a higher pitch than what your guitar string rings at, then you’ll need to turn your tuning peg in the direction that increases the string’s pitch.  If your guitar string rings at a higher pitch then the audio file’s pitch, then you will need to turn your string’s tuning peg in the direction that decreases the string’s pitch.

Regular tuning (EADGBe)

Low E string

A string

D string

G string

B string

High E string

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