The (not so) Tiny Terror: Hell’s Holy Grail

During the late nineties and into the new millennium, touring guitarists and studio musicians were returning the glory of a low wattage amp. In Rock n Roll’s infancy, guitarists were forced to use low wattage amps because they had no choice. As manufacturers continued to push the watts higher and higher, guitarists followed suit blindly believing that more watts meant a better sound. Eventually, guitarists came back to their roots after the fall of “metal” and “grunge.”

Manufacturers like Matchless and Top Hat seemed to lead the charge with amazing boutique amps usually modeled after the Vox AC30. Before you knew it, custom amp companies were popping up all over the country sporting 30, 15 and even 5 watt amplifiers. Some of these were very good, some of them not so good, but nearly all of them priced above the price range of your average player. So, when Orange came along with the Tiny Terror, guitarists rejoiced… and rightfully so.

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Do You Even Know How to Use that Effects Pedal?

As an electric guitar player, for the longest time now, I’ve had a hard time getting a good tone. As you probably know, good tone comes from a good amp and good effects chain. You can have the greatest guitar, but if you run it through a crappy amp and effects, your really great guitar will sound really crappy.

What I’ve done is started from the ground up on my effects pedals. For awhile now, I’ve been using a Line 6 PodXT Live, but I’ve found it doesn’t really suit me well since I use my amp and don’t use the amp modeling on the PodXT Live. So I’m buying a couple different pedals to suit the type of music I play.

All to say, I’ve been making some changes to my current setup. In the process, there is one thing that I’ve been reminded of as I’m making some upgrades that is important for all guitarists to keep in mind.

Taking it Slow

The mistake I’ve seen others make is to buy pedal after pedal without taking the time to learn how each pedal fits into their tone. It’s a myth that the more pedals you buy the better you will sound!

When getting a new pedal […]

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If You Could Only Have One Effect Pedal…

This question is more for the electric guitar players, although acoustic guitar players might be able to chime in, but, if you could only have one effect pedal, what would you pick? Also, let’s say you have a good amp. If you want, you can pick an amp and one effect pedal.

My Pick

Saying that I had a good amp, with a decent clean and overdrive channel, I know that I would definitely pick a good delay pedal. If I had to pick an all around good delay, I’d probably go with the Boss DD-20 Giga Delay (pictured). Give me a delay and I’m a happy camper.

Your Turn

You can only pick one effect pedal. What is it? Post your comments.

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