Blues Backing Tracks for Guitar: Five Free Tracks

One of the best ways to practice soloing is to use backing tracks for guitar. It’s hard to craft solos when you don’t have a band or another guitar player behind you. For those that don’t have this luxury, backing tracks are another really great substitute.

Professional guitarist and instructor Zack Roberts has complied over 50 professional backing tracks for guitar. He’s offering five of these for free to try out. I’ve taken a listen and they are of good quality and variety.

Here are a couple from his free samples of blues backing tracks for guitar.

Backing Tracks for Guitar #1

12 Bar Blues Groove (G Pentatonic)

Download track

Backing Tracks for Guitar #2

Jazzy Blues (G Pentatonic & G Mixolydian)

Download track

In order to get the other three free backing tracks for guitar, go to his website here.

To get all 50 backing tracks it is $37, which means you get each for less than a buck. Zack is selling the tracks with a 100% money-back guarantee with some extras thrown in. It’s worth checking out. You can check it out here.

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