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The Parts of the Guitar

There are many different types of guitars: acoustic, electric, classical, acoustic-electric, but generally, they all have some distinguishing parts in common.

Parts of the Acoustic Guitar

Starting at the very right in this picture, we have the headstock. The headstock holds all the tuners. Each of the strings wrap around the tuning pegs of the tuners and rest on the string grooves of the nut (plastic or bone) on the guitar as they are laid out across the fretboard. From this angle, we only see the fretboard. The fretboard lays on top of the neck of the guitar. On some guitars, the wood for the fretboard will be different than the neck.

The frets are the “bumps” or bars that lay perpendicularly across the fretboard. Sometimes the frets will be to long on the fretboard so you might feel the frets poke or rub your hands in an uncomfortable way as you move your hands up and down the neck of the guitar. Luthiers, or people who make guitars or work on guitars can fix this problem by filing down your frets.

At the body of the guitar, we have the sound hole, which allows the sound to be amplified and project out of the guitar. The strings go over the sound hole and then meet at the bridge. On the bridge, we have the saddle, which is similar to the nut in that it has grooves for the strings to rest on. When a string is plucked on the guitar […]

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5 Tips for Buying Your First Guitar

Buying Your First GuitarSo, you’ve decided you want to learn how to play guitar, but how do you go about choosing or buying your first guitar? You may have noticed already if you’ve been in any music store that there are hundreds of options before you. However, it’s not as overwhelming as it might seem.

1.) Consider Your Learning Goals

Before you drop some dough on a guitar, you need to think through what types of music you want to be able to play or the style of music you want to play. Somebody who wants to play jazz guitar isn’t going to get the same guitar as someone who wants to play metal. And somebody who wants to play folk music is going to stay far away from the guitars a metal guy/girl is going to look at (well, generally, anyways!).

Who are your favorite artists? Who do you want to sound like?

If you can start to answer these questions, it really starts eliminating the type of guitar you might consider buying. […]

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Frequently Asked Questions by Pre-Beginning Guitarists

Beginning Guitar QuestionsAre you considering to learn how to play guitar? If you are, you might have quite a few questions rolling through your mind. These are some common questions that I’ve been asked by beginning guitar players.

Click on a question below to jump to the answer:


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4 Guitar Performance Tips for Overcoming Nerves & Anxiety

When I took public speaking in college, I found out that some surveys report that public speaking ranks as one of the biggest fears for people, even above death, heights, spiders, and flying. For many, this statistic also translates into a fear of performing on stage in front of a large group of people or just playing your guitar for a group of friends.

I started playing piano when I was six. I remember in second grade I entered into a talent show at my school for piano. I played a piece for the judge and I ended up doing so well that I got asked to perform it for a special music piece for the church affiliated with the school. My response to the invitation was absolutely, “NO WAY! Are you crazy?! In front of all those people?”

This story just goes to say that a lot of people have a talent and gift for guitar but hesitate to share their gift because of fear and anxiety. However, performing guitar doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it might seem and can actually be really fun. Here are few guitar performance tips. […]

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