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The (not so) Tiny Terror: Hell’s Holy Grail

During the late nineties and into the new millennium, touring guitarists and studio musicians were returning the glory of a low wattage amp. In Rock n Roll's infancy, guitarists were [...]

“Mine” by Taylor Swift

Alright, alright. Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but I love her. As a songwriter, her songs couldn't be more memorable. If you start playing a Taylor Swift song, chances are people [...]

Guitar Friendly featured on Guitar International Magazine

I was really excited this morning when I found out that Guitar International Magazine featured Guitar Friendly in a series they are doing called "10 Great Guitar Blogs." If you don't [...]

Castiv Guitar Sidekick Hands-On Review

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It's pretty amazing to me how many guitar apps have made their way to the iTunes App Store. Just by searching "guitar" under apps, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps related to [...]

Major Guitar Scales Lesson: A Major Scale Positions

How are the scales coming? This week we pass the half way point of our journey to learn all major scale positions across the fretboard in all twelve keys. If you're jumping into this lesson [...]

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Guitar Strumming Lesson: 6/8 Strumming Patterns

We've looked before at beginner guitar strumming patterns in the 4/4 time signature or in a count of four. We haven't looked yet at 6/8 strumming patterns where you count in six. Here [...]

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